Friday, January 13, 2012


The world is a wheel
to which we are bound.
We turn about in circles.
What goes around comes back around.
So it is with the deeds of men.
The deed gets to be done to them.

I fish for angles
in life's wide sea.
Look at life in different ways,
and an angler also be.

In a valley garden,
and by a sea,
there once stood
a monkey-puzzle-tree.
If it puzzled monkeys,
it puzzled me.
Remains the puzzle
though gone the tree.
Why its name?
Puzzled I be.
I don't like puzzles
as you can see.
This very puzzle
makes a monkey of me !

Have you heard a rumour
happens to be going around?
It's knocking on the doors
of a lot of folk in town.
If it came by bus or train
there is no-one really knows,
but it's got a bad-mouth
and it's wearing filthy-clothes.
You know that I'm the type
who is wary of a rumour.
They are so easy to start
with or without any humour.
Nonetheless this rumour,
which is calling on the town,
says that - like a rumour -
you put yourself around !

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