Mark Beevers on BBC2 Open Space 1990
Mark Beevers is a prolific poet and song lyricist,and satirical sketch writer from Saltburn by the Sea, North Yorkshire...

  • Mark was first published by OUTLET magazine in 1987 by Trev Teasdel and the team and won the magazine's first competition. He later wrote a column for the magazine.
  • In the late 80's / early 90's Mark produced over 33 highly popular chapbooks of his poems listed under publications.
  • In 1988 Mark was championed locally by another poetry magazine EXILE and was involved with one of the editors as co-editor of Extra Tenner Magazine receiving a letter from Prince Charles about his article regarding the O Zone layer.
  • Created and edited Saltburn Scene for over 10 years. Featuring poetry, local history, rock-music-ology and mythology.
  • Appeared on BBC2's Open Space programme about OUTLET magazine in 1990.
  • Was published in many poetry magazines around the UK and abroad.
  • Wrote and had performed at Stockton International Riverside Festival, a number of short satirical sketches.
  • Received communications about his poetry from Brian Patten and Willy Russell.
  • From the mid 90's to the present has published regular door to door broadsheets of his poems with pieces on local history and mythology in Saltburn, York and Pattaya etc. Variously titled -The Good Ship Albion /  Pen Pages / Wavelength Writes / The Ship's Log / Port Pattaya Transporter / Fishergate Frigate / Fulford Flyer / Scarcroft Flyer / Heslington Harbinger / York Shambles Yarn-Ship / Knavesmire Navigator / Hobgate Bohemian / Micklegate Magicship / Wilton Wayfarer / Bootham Broadside / Holgate Flagship.
  • Had 109 poems in Andy Croft's poetry section of Teesside's Evening Gazette in the 90's.
  • Was published in the Poetry Anthologies of the Cleveland Write Around Festival.
  • Supported Jingling Geordie poet Keith Armstrong in Middlesbrough.
  • Had work featured on BBC Radio Cleveland and articles about his work in the local press.
  • Studied Humanities at Teesside University and went on to teach Creative Writing in York (being the first Writer in Residence at York's branch of WH Smith) before going to teach English as a Foreign Language in Thailand.
  • One of Mark's Many Books
  • In the late 90's Mark wrote song lyrics for local bands in Saltburn.
  • In the late 90's Mark responded to an advert in a small poetry press asking for poems which could be used for song lyrics for a band 'that was going to be bigger than the Stones'. Mark alleges he sent lots of his small poems to them and the band turned out to be the Libertines and he alleges many of his lines / titles and verses were integrated into their lyrics unacknowledged -including Albion.
  • Recently Mark has had a monthly page resembling his Broadsheets featuring his poetry circulating in Pattaya (Thailand) called the Pattaya Trader with a circulation of over 8000.