Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Girl, girl, girl,
all aglow
like the sunshine
on the snow,
like the moonshine
on the water,
but yes you are
an earthman's daughter.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Merciless mercenaries
seek gold and glory,
another burnt-down town,
a further horror story.
Pillage and plunder
is the piper's tune.
Sack homes the soldiers
of infamy and fortune.
Piper your pitiless tune play,
your dogs of war are truly stray.

Monday, September 21, 2015

CAPTAIN MARK of SALTBURN SCENE, the town's original magazine 1992 - 2000, of York City areas' various flyers, and of PATTAYA TRADER magazine Thailand 2009 - 2012. Cheers, mateys, Yo-ho-ho !! THE GOOD SHIP ALBION. Tv OPEN SPACE, radio and press poet Mark Beevers (anagram: A Verse Maker Be). Writers' Handbook 2000. Verse-poems, scroll down !

from MIDDLESBROUGH MAGIC SHIP Autumn Special 2015

There is a biography on McFly in which they'd have you believe the boy band was formed in 2003. In fact the boys were gigging in the late 1990s in the Teesside area. Dougie had been residing in Lune Street Saltburn as was a regular at The Queen public house. He joined the band a bit later. I hear he still has copies of my Saltburn Scene community magazine, which are now collectors' items. Also in the biography it says Tom had a dream of Star Girl. Actually, I gave him the idea for this and for NASA. Tom and Danny and Danny's 'mum' (the sexiest Nolan sister) were in The Marine, she bought me a pint. Tom had met Pete Doherty whom I'd already sent some of my writings. Both Tom and Pete are much younger than me. As several people in Saltburn know, Tom and the band offered me a £10, 000 loan for my idea once Star Girl came out years later. I'd just returned from Thailand and was going to go back in a short while, which I did (I teach English Language as well as Creative Writing). The band were in The Marine again. They were about to do a celebrity gig. Paul Rodgers and Brian May were there too. I declined the offer. I didn't like loans as students will appreciate ! The sexy Nolan sister mentioned Tom's pal, Mark, had helped him and was in Thailand, when she was a regular on Loose Women. I wish I'd got to know her better, back then, when I'd the chance !

Footnote: Coleen acted 'mum' to a very young Danny and booked into The Highfield (hotel) on Marton Road Middlesbrough as Jones not Nolan. It was there she met her future husband guitarist Ray Fensome. McFly played in a sports field near a school in Skelton in the late 1990s which is still remembered by the families who lived in the area. As I say, Dougie joined the boys later on. Coleen had got into a fight with a journalist who'd recognized her in The Highfield. She insisted her name was Jones not Nolan. She told me she intended to find a room in The Queen, Saltburn, which had once been a hotel. She also talked to people on the Sports field who recognized her, and she spoke of her separation from Shane (Richie). She was also seeking a job in the North East but didn't get it. She'd later join the tv programme Loose Women. The programme following my mention, Coleen told viewers that Danny had got angry with her for doing so. She apologized with some difficulty ! He'd told her to say Tom wouldn't need help  with his writings etc ! I have since tried to contact Coleen and the lads on my return from Thailand, but received no replies.

from MIDDLESBROUGH MAGIC SHIP Summer Special 2015

In the 1990s Dr. Andy Croft of the Evening Gazette's NOTICEBOARD wrote that Keith Armstrong and myself were two of the most prolific poets in N. East. He was witness to some of the writings I sent Pete Doherty in 1997, who was 17 (I was more than twice his age). In a flyer-advert inside a fanzine, he asked for 'contributions' of poems and lyrics and band names. I sent batches of writings and several band names. The Libertines (or Libby-tines) was a name I'd offered Duncan Libby's band in Saltburn. He refused it. Babyshambles came from York's Little Shambles, a meat-market. I intended to move to that ancient inland port as a Creative Writing tutor, and did. The piracy image of The Libertines came from my Sallburn Scene community magazine, founded in 1992. No lyricist is mentioned in the Libertines CDs, but Pete does sing my name "Mark" in 'Albion' by The Libertines. I had lived in the middle of Glenside and Albion Terrace, Saltburn. Pete has since led the public to believe he wrote the lyrics. My only annoyance is that he didn't write to me of his success or send me their first CD. I only found out about his notoriety while I was teaching English Language in Thailand. But he has passed my lyrics and band names onto others too, which I suggested if he refused them. I'm pleased about this, even if not credited. I write this because The Libertines have 'reformed' (?).

Footnote: King of Smugglers, John Andrew, lived in the Ship Inn, Saltburn, now The Ship. He was captured and ended up in York Castle Prison, as was and as did highwayman Dick Turpin. But Andrew was pardoned by the King because John Andrew, like the King, was a Free Mason.


He was called a king
of American comedy.
Foul was his language
and a drug-user he
was found in a toilet
dead as cold stone.
That guy Lenny Bruce,
over a lavatory throne.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


In the TOGETHER verse it should read "There the girl lay" not lie, I'm in the bad habit of not correcting my poems !

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


can keep us young.
That is why my verse
has a childish-tongue ?!

Too much baggage
she was carrying.
A lump of luggage
she tried emptying
on the new man in her life,
cluttered him with stress and strife.

Monday, September 14, 2015


I got a kiss off Kate Moss
and Keith Lemon did too.
Met Lenny Henry, Jonathan Ross
and Bono out of U2.
Met the Oasis brothers,
Paul Rodgers, Brian May,
among the many others.
Coleen Nolan on me lay
her lips, and Russell Brand
shared a joke, as did Lenny
and Keith. Then came the hand
of a juiced Pete Doherty,
Tom Fletcher's and his band
in Saltburn by-the sea.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Beneath these hands
were the beauty's breasts.
There the girl lie
under my fingers' caress.

Beyond our bodies
our spirits flew.
Yin and yang,
one became we two.


Wilde had a wit
faster than light.
Find Einstein's theory
is not so bright ?!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Verse-poems below Nolan Notes


Coleen (Nolan) was staying at The Highfield (hotel) on Marton Road, Middlesbrough, in the late 1990s with a very young McFly. As I say below, McFly were already gigging around Teesside, it is a myth they first formed in 2003 as a biography would have us believe. A journalist recognized Coleen, but Coleen insisted she was Jones not Nolan. A fight broke out. The journalist was evicted. Coleen came down to Saltburn with the boys. I was asked to go back to the hotel after we'd had a drink, but I thought she meant The Queen pub which had been a hotel, in Saltburn, where Saltburn resident Dougie drank. I said I'd just left there (Dougie would move again a little later to join McFly in their own  home area). She made a comment I mistook and was too shy to ask. She went for a taxi. Two nights later she turned up in Saltburn again with musician Ray Fensome on her arm. He would become her future husband. They'd met at The Highfield, and now had found a room in the Queen Pub, Saltburn. She'd also been after a job around Middlesbrough, but it didn't work out.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Correction, I was slightly older than she, and I should have specified 'mother'. She was booked into her hotel as Jones, looking out for young Danny. So 'son' I should have specified too, in the poem. It's down to old age ! In fact there may have been 10 years between us.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


McFly were gigging in the Teesside area in the late 90s, though a biography says they formed in 2003. Many people in the area can confirm this as they went to those early gigs. Dougie joined McFly a bit later, he was residing on Lune Street Saltburn, and was a regular in The Queen public House. Coleen (Nolan) Danny Jones's mother was slightly older than me, and stayed in a Hotel in Middlesbrough, but socialized in Saltburn. She has some of my poems, and one I particularly wrote for her. It is not the one below, though I have since sent her this one.


A 'Loose Woman' was she
as we find on the ITV.
We sat with her son Danny
and the rest of the McFly.
A sexy Nolan sister,
ah yes an A-lister.
I ask myself, mister,
why'd you leave her dry
when she bought you a drink
and gave you the wink ?
It was, I now think,
I was damn over-shy !


A girl from another galaxy
was cast into my dream-world.
Here inside my head,
where I lay in my bed,
through the heavens she'd been hurled.

For me she'd a hunger,
for her I'd a thirst.
We romanced in the diner
at the end of my universe !

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The two lovers lie abed,
a sun and a moon there wed,
while out in space, far, far away
shines a star for the child one day
over hillsides to run and play,
and he or she shall shine a star.
Shine not for what, but who you are.

He's the iceman
with his pick.
He's the Eskimo
who's going to prick
his arm,
to glow warm.
To be relaxed,
or get pole-axed ?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Like a Greek Fury
was the wild girl.
Yes like a Greek Fury
from a mythical world.
Why so furious she ?
I courted the goddess of poetry !

To conform to a standard
is to 'toe-the-line',
but come to old Siam
its meaning is different, find.

It is a drug reference,
and to a drug so very strong
you'll be 'bent-over-forwards'
as in a ladyboy's song !