Monday, November 25, 2013


WC Fields,
ah yes WC,
in the water-closet
took a pee.
From children
and dogs
said "Stay away,"
but grog
could not keep
far from he,
was always pissing,
my little Chickadee !

Kate went to live in Newcastle
where had been filmed Get Carter.
I went to live in York City
where'd be filmed some of Harry Potter.
Grim reality or a fairystory
our own dreams we had to pursue.
Cities are often made of both.
Oh katy, have you found that too?

Captain Hornblower
when you blow your horn,
whipping yourself up
into a storm.

Captain Hornblower,
oh yes you are;
taking petty things
way too far.

Girl you've a bite
to match your bark.
I hear folk say
"She's a doggone shark !"

Hold your horses ! Quick on the draw,
the guy had a gun with fast rapport.
His ghost now rides upon the plane.
Shane come back. Come back Shane !

Yes he is a ghost with a fast gun.
Settled a score for farmers and their sons.
Will he ever ride that way again?
Shane come back. Come back Shane !

A daring drifter, now on a lonesome ride,
and a pistol close up by his hide.
A voice on the wind called out his name.
Shane come back. Come back Shane !

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