Saturday, November 9, 2013


A Green Knight, as green as holly,
rode into King Arthur's Court, bold as a berry.
Prickly was the Green Knight's boast
to Arthur's guests, and to their very-host
whom to his challenge, would've give way
to the Knight sent by Morgan le Fay,
or Morgan the Fairy, as we English say,
who held the Knight under her sway.
But Gawain, or Gavin, Arthur's nephew,
a fine man of honour and integrity too,
took up the challenge, ah yes Gawain
took up the Knight's beheading Game.
The Knight's head fell like a berry,
yet still he rode-off, and merry !
Head back on his shoulders he went,
the Knight whom Morgan le Fay had sent.

Cromwell, a winner
in a Civil War,
helped lose a kingly head
the country would restore.

It is everything changes.
It is changes everything.
People change their minds
as a crown the head of a king.

All would live like kings
if only they could choose.
But you've sure to fight and win
your way. As to many who lose,
it is fight those at the top.
Envy or anger brings on down
the few appearing privileged.
Just the bruise on head a crown !

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