Monday, November 4, 2013


Circle her do her lady-friends,
and all are out for wicked ends !
They are out for a good time
and will turn men into swine !
Not there to guard Circe they,
but to lure the guys their way
as they stand close to the bar
"Come boys, enter our circular !"
The magic circle of Circe's femmes
is crying "We want wicked ends !"
Just what they mean, go on guess,
but Circe herself, in that dress,
makes a man a grunting mess !

A drunken dandy, he, after dark,
sank chemical-substances for a lark.
Pretty, pretty-peacock and bright-spark?
Should have got his name from Hyde Park.
The guy became a juiced-up-devil
sure like Dr Jekyll in the novel.

Soothed and, girl, sleepy,
under the scent of the lilac-tree
in the grounds of Rushpool Hall.
Sometimes there's a big wedding
with a room for the two's down-bedding,
and sometimes there's a big ball.
But here it is you and me
beneath the scent of the lilac-tree
outside of the four walls.
Shaded not from a bright-sun's-beam,
a cozy-couple we in a half-dream.

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