Friday, November 8, 2013


It was that Jill -
hand in hand with Jack -
sought a needle
in a haystack.
Found Jack's needle
did young Jill,
and sewn together
find them still.
A boy and girl
with each other lay
under the sun
and in the hay.

Darkfall, it's everywhere.
Seek a spark-of-light
within the depths of self.
Try find some insight.

The stage-magician, his conjurings.
The girl whose poodles jump through rings.
The clowns with their clownings.
Soon the fat lady gets to sing.

The dancing girls, ah such pretty things,
are second-to-last in the nightly-endings.
And now she comes out the wings,
the fat lady who gets to sing.

She'd like to have a big fat name
that a singer gets with big fat fame.
But all the show's acts are struggling.
The fat lady host still gets to sing.

The ogre at the orgy
set the handmaidens afright,
and the spear-bearers, too,
who guarded the site
where the Greek senators
had gathered to disrobe
and plunge into the delights
of the erotic abode.

Yes the ogre at the orgy
set the handmaidens afright
with his so huge hunger,
his enormous appetite.
Too long he'd dwelled
where flesh was a sin
and now, like a cannibal,
at the feast was tucking-in !

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