Monday, August 4, 2014


There are boards on the windows,
in the street is broken glass.
In this unsafe house lives
one of the many underclass.
"It is the guy's own fault,"
I have heard some folk say.
"There is every opportunity
to climb the upwards way."
If only this were always true.
If only opportunity would knock
on the broken doors of the many
who are downstairs on their luck.

From her cracked window she views
a wall that's sprayed with bad news.
Houses here have been broken into.
The buses out of town are very-few.
There's no getting away for a brief-time.
She's stuck with graffiti and the crime.
What is it with the young and poor?
It's not been like this since the war !

Going 'Dutch' is damn fine
apart from long-relationships.
One will always take control.
Smile girl, swing your hips,
maybe this time you shall win;
or fall again for his got-you-grin?

You want to change the world?
Then come join the queue.
There are billions of bodies
who're way ahead of you.
But they want to change it
in line with their personal view.
Yes with your very-own beliefs
there are individuals will argue.
Those who will completely agree
with everything you say are few.
Though you are young and naive,
fresh-out-the-water; washed-up-new.

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