Monday, October 28, 2013


The sole-flower of romance
his life's withering desert left alone
was a girl who left him in a trance.
More than just a mirage was Rosetta Stone.
Ah yes, find then that she
sure turned his desert into a wide sea !

We came across a suffering animal
did my good friend and me.
It was dying a slow painful death.
I said I should put it out its misery.
But my friend said that he could not bear.
Of his selfishness he was totally-unaware.

Now the leaves are gone
the hillsides return
with the wintry winds
and a heavy heart yearns
for the trees once more
to put on their leafy-green,
though through their skeletons
the yellow hillsides can be seen.

Pythagoras must have had big ears
to have heard the music of the spheres.
Two elephant-ears upon a python,
if that is where he got his name from.
They must have flapped like two wings
and took him round them ring after ring.
Took him to where he'd hear
the lovely-music of the spheres,
or the footfalls of the vedic-god who
is the cosmic-dancer of the Hindus.

Like an Ophelia in her own madness
you'll surely one day go drown.
No-one will fish you out of it,
you are sinking down, down. down.
A sadness has settled on the face
of the uncontrollable girl-clown.
It'll go and come back again
till with the clownfishes you remain !

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