Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Denis Waterman, John Thaw,
Sweeney Todd,
Flying Squad,
Cockney slang, long arm of the law.
Stretching it
a little bit,
stretching out that arm.
Sweeney Todd,
Flying Squad
after collaring the cannabis farm !

You can call her Cruella,
even call her Vampyrella,
she's out to bleed you, bleed !
She is a devilish Deville,
drain you dry she damn well will !
Suck, suck, suck and succeed !

The girl's name is Trixie,
she turns a trick or two.
A trick's a John, a punter,
to me guys and to you.
Hers is the oldest profession,
done for money, sure not for kicks,
and most of her Johns
turn out to be capitalists.

You should not dare
to hug a polar-bear
should it give you a bear-hug,
and crush you like ice
within a vice
or like an irritable bug.

You should beware
the huge-polar-bear
and do not look so smug.
Don't bother it at all,
leave the cold-snowfall,
hunt not the warm rug.

She knocks herself out
from time to time
(life a shit-sandwich)
on dirt cheap wine.
A homeless old lady
plastic-bag on head,
darkened doorstep
for a kind of bed.
She's wasting away
part-deaf, part-blind,
but more aware than most
is the punch-line.

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