Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Step into the ring,
the money's everything
to the man who would be king.

Yes step into the ring,
hear loud-applauding.
The pressure is on to be king.

It was "Who's your mother?"
said the one man to the other
suspecting him a masonic brother.
To a mason's lodge he referred.
A funny handshake then occurred.
Passed was more masonic words.
Down and out in London and Paris
you've no brother and no sis,
but upward in the metropolis
many masons sure help each other
to climb the steps on the ladder
to the point of "Who's their father ?!"

For his king built a bull
of metal did a fellow.
Prisoners to be put inside
this thing that was hollow.
Placed above a fire the creature
would roast, yes would torture
the prisoner to a bellow.
Rewarded was he, it's creator,
by being first into the bull-monster !

Sylvia Plath to Ted Hughes was drawn
as she was to self-destruction.
And so was his second wife.
What do we make from this deduction ?
We are left with a single male
who some might call singular.
Drawn to what they couldn't really have,
Ted Hughes poet in particular ?
Suicidal tendencies there at the start ?
Or had the poet a very hard heart ?

You're not worth the candle,
you don't cut the mustard,
and all the fitting clich├ęs
that sure can be mustered.

I'll leave you in the dark
for your non-appreciation
of my offering you sound-advice.
You bite off my tongue in every situation !

Jealous was she of the poet's Muse.
She demanded complete attention.
'Twas hard to compete with a goddess
who inspired him to invention.
She could have been his mortal muse
and was, while the goddess elsewhere.
The goddess isn't loyal to just one.
Neither was she, gone out of there.

You're playing the big O,
playing 'Only The Lonely'.
You think you are getting to me,
but it is all baloney.

You're not lonely, girl,
you are after moving in
and my placing on your finger
a gold wedding ring.

You spoke of independence,
you spoke of a career,
but want to tie me to you
and retire yourself here.

I settled down once, find,
it was against my nature.
I made a good job of it.
It's past, just not my future.

I have been already
to the planet Mars.
A man's imagination
beats probes to the stars.

But not all things
can by us be done.
We can't place imagination
in heads that don't bear one.

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