Saturday, December 28, 2013


The world is much smaller now,
though a jungle none-the-less.
Where we try to sanitise
it is a human zoo at best.
The odour inside the cages
we call the smell of success.

Wild is the competition,
there is nobody can tame it.
Though there are the despots
whose desire is to go chain it.
Find true-merit and moderation.
What a picture ! I'd sure frame it.

Chloe was a chameleon.
Went from black to red to fair
her several different wigs
and colour of her very own hair.
She would venture into town,
enter pubs on the High Street
where word had got around
the girl was anybody's treat.
It earned her many names
but she took them in her stride.
There are many bad names
even real chameleons couldn't hide.
The changeling had a huge hunger
that just couldn't be satisfied.

Like Citizen Wolfie Smith
are you, I go say.
Though you think you look
more like your hero Che.

All animals are equal
and equal with humans too?
All humans are equal
and equal to animals in the zoo?

All children are equal
and equal to the fully grown?
All adults are equal
and their children don't own?

Sometimes I am with you.
I see the naive child
in many of the people,
and also the wild.

But as to ownership,
what you fight for I see
is the State controller
who'd own both you and me !

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