Friday, December 20, 2013

for PATTAYA 212 (A)

Taking the avenue, Northumberland,
turn right for the Strand
or left for Charing Cross.
Straight ahead Trafalgar Square.
Look at Nelson way up there.
Now isn't he, girl, the boss?!
You want to go Holland Park
before it gets to be dark?
Sure romantic there you hear.
You're almost speaking Dutch,
going cross-eyed, drank too much
when with your meal you'd beer.
Tuneless and louder than the lark
I think it best your ass you park,
the evening is drawing near.

The dragon symbol
at Templar Bar
is not a dragon
of the East afar.

No it's not a dragon
of the far East.
Mainly benign
is that beast.

Guardian of treasure
like the griffin.
Red-and-gold scaled,
head, tail, wings.

The West's dragon
is green scaled,
head and wings
and its tail.

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