Wednesday, July 15, 2015


He gave his name to Edinburgh
where sits King Arthur's Seat.
He united Britain's divided kingdoms
whom first he was to defeat
when from out of exile
he with an army came.
He had a wizard at his side.
King Edwin was the hero's name.
He took himself a French lady
who was of the Merovingian line.
A semi-secret society kept
all Britain's kingdoms in one bind.
Though a flesh and blood Saxon
to the people he was divine.
Along with his great-niece baptized,
held firmly to his pagan roots his mind.
When he lost his head in battle
he was buried near Whitby's sea,
just his head stayed in York's Chapel
where folk would go worship he.
His great-niece was the Abbess
you may know as the saint Hilda.
She was a former Hildegard.
Fish-tailed some had willed her.
Yes a magical mermaid was willed she,
as though the noble line were of Merovee?

"The Vikings are coming
from across the wide sea.
Poets, fishermen, farmers,
who've turned to piracy.
The Vikings are coming,
men of the North or Norse,
their boats on the back
of each waves white horse.
Yes the Vikings are coming
from across the wide sea.
They'll take part of Gaul
and call it Normandy.
A conqueror shall be born there -
oh heed my prophecy -
and come to conquer
all Britain will he.
The Vikings are coming
and some shall stay.
Many of our gods
will be cast away
as to our isle the Vikings come
and dawn a new Druid's blood-red sun."

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