Tuesday, July 21, 2015


A thousand and one nights,
a thousand and one tales,
but I can see behind
your so very many veils.

You go tell me this, girl,
you go tell me that.
Now let me tell you, princess,
I smell an ugly rat.

What is it that you hide?
You're not a harem wife
with her pretty head to lose.
Find truth can't finish your life.

The rich have seldom
anything to protest about,
but the ban on fox hunting
again brings them out.
"The poor I do detest,
they're always at protest,"
had once grunted Lord Snout.

The Queen of Kama Sutra
had a sacred mission
to please all her Western men
in her Eastern tradition,
which put many a Western wife
at a great disposition:

"Said he was going to church
did my husband Bobby.
But he met the Kama Sutra Queen
at the temple-of-her-body.
I don't want him back,
he's out on his ear.
Going with that girl's a sin,
let me make it clear."

The Queen of Kama Sutra
was a molten blend
of turbulence and tranquility
for every man and his friend
in many kinds of a way
the wife could not comprehend.
She was to besotted Bobby
a real godsend. A real godsend.

Owen to total wars
doomed youth's the plot.
No way out, young man,
Wurther you like it or not !

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