Saturday, September 21, 2013


I went to a cartoon of a party.
Yes it was comic but also dandy.
On his own was little Lord Snooty
while looking through keyholes caught was katy.
I came across the cat called Corky
and Denis the Menace was being naughty.

Yes I went to a cartoon of a party.
Desperate Dan ate cow-pies heartily.
Biffo the Bear bristled all hairily
at Denis the Menace being naughty
and Pansy Potter, too, got a bit iffy.
They took him outside, it was over in a jiffy.
I was not going to cause a scene so
I sat in a corner and read the Beano.

Come and fly with me girl,
together we'll catch the sun.
I'll lasso the moon for you
like Jim Carrey for Jennifer Anniston.

Yes come and fly with me,
let us catch an aeroplane;
catch the sun, catch a tan,
and miss the British rain.

Emerald eyes
from the emerald isle
across a green sea,
Irish-gypsy-type she,
seeks park-lawns
where leprechauns
would also be free
in the stone-giant city.

You're at it once again
big mouth of the town.
Tie-up that canoe-size shoe
you ever so silly clown.

Make sure you don't trip
over the lies you spout.
Think before you even speak
and don't give me that wide ruby-lipped pout.

You know the hat fits you,
you've truly been a tonic.
But the circus wagon is now leaving,
so why aren't you on it?

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