Wednesday, March 30, 2016


There will always be deniers,
the self-righteous, the liars,
the cheats and the frauds,
fighters of a lost cause.
Cool promoters of utopias
who'd give us dystopias,
the overdone try-try-agains,
the folk who'd like their chains.
There'll ever be the negatives
to challenge the positives.

He was an Edgar Allen Poe.
She was a saucy black-widow.
He a man of mystery and imagination,
they together had sexual-relations.
But it was she ate him up whole,
devoured his body, spat out his soul.
Imagination to her was no damn mystery,
ate several husbands so spidery she !

A wise man knows
there's more to know
and it's a fool thinks
this is not so.
Yet there are teachers
who never left school
and to whom theory
is the golden rule.
Never been here,
never worked there,
student to tutor gone
only to declare
"Read the best books."
But which books those ?
And who is it
these books chose ?

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