Monday, September 21, 2015

from MIDDLESBROUGH MAGIC SHIP Summer Special 2015

In the 1990s Dr. Andy Croft of the Evening Gazette's NOTICEBOARD wrote that Keith Armstrong and myself were two of the most prolific poets in N. East. He was witness to some of the writings I sent Pete Doherty in 1997, who was 17 (I was more than twice his age). In a flyer-advert inside a fanzine, he asked for 'contributions' of poems and lyrics and band names. I sent batches of writings and several band names. The Libertines (or Libby-tines) was a name I'd offered Duncan Libby's band in Saltburn. He refused it. Babyshambles came from York's Little Shambles, a meat-market. I intended to move to that ancient inland port as a Creative Writing tutor, and did. The piracy image of The Libertines came from my Sallburn Scene community magazine, founded in 1992. No lyricist is mentioned in the Libertines CDs, but Pete does sing my name "Mark" in 'Albion' by The Libertines. I had lived in the middle of Glenside and Albion Terrace, Saltburn. Pete has since led the public to believe he wrote the lyrics. My only annoyance is that he didn't write to me of his success or send me their first CD. I only found out about his notoriety while I was teaching English Language in Thailand. But he has passed my lyrics and band names onto others too, which I suggested if he refused them. I'm pleased about this, even if not credited. I write this because The Libertines have 'reformed' (?).

Footnote: King of Smugglers, John Andrew, lived in the Ship Inn, Saltburn, now The Ship. He was captured and ended up in York Castle Prison, as was and as did highwayman Dick Turpin. But Andrew was pardoned by the King because John Andrew, like the King, was a Free Mason.

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