Tuesday, June 17, 2014


They ushered in Victorians
the Georgians of late,
by banning nude-bathing.
The arts they'd regulate,
tidy-up Shakespeare,
cover-over statue parts,
transform all the toads
but hide not the warts.
And under Queen Victoria
came the new gentlemen,
came the new ladies;
still gin-houses, opium-dens.
Plenty were the brothels
and a son of the Queen
with a male-prostitute
was often to be seen.
So too the playwright
known as Oscar Wilde.
The same reign, the same era,
made a whore out a child.
"What the dickens goes on?!"
only a few folk cried.
A surface repectability
just had to be applied.
And also was applied
a cane or a switch -
by some well-paid madams -
to a sadomasochistic rich,
while the Queen herself -
who had menstrual cramps -
was to smoke marijuana.
Oh those Victorian scamps !

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