Saturday, July 20, 2013


A girl with killing-looks
shot me her "Hello."
She'd a glance that asked
"Would you like to know?"

Dressed all in black
she took the mighty-strain
of the shaggy-beast
that was on a chain.

One just may have knelt,
but I was to stand strong;
here inside my heart
a song, a sweet song;

and here in my eyes
"Yes I'd like to know."
A girl with killing-looks
shot me her "Hello."

A Quentin Crisp type sure,
the guy is starting to sag
like a limp lettuce leaf.
He's the King's-Cross queen in drag.
Of his station he is well-aware.
Comers-and-goers might greet him there !

"What are you smiling about?"
she asks when she is down,
and when her turn to be up,
asks you why you frown.

With her moods be in tune,
with her darkness and her light.
Follow her sun, follow her moon.
Keep in step or find she'll cruelly-bite !

I spy you on the beach, my pretty,
I watch you, girl, as you train.
What you may lose in pounds
is surely the sand's own gain.

Following in your footprints
way across the yellow dunes,
lady mine I want you
on the cliff beneath the moon,

or under the summery sun
in some secluded nook,
exploring your every cranny
like a veritable Captain Cook !

Yes lady I sure do want you,
I'm brazen as is the breeze.
Ah lady I sure do want you,
I'm as salty as are the seas.

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