Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Barefoot she trod upon my back,
the oriental massage girl who
went by the name of Rosy-Apple,
a name on which I began to chew.
Ah such a lovely-female was she.
The only lady I've let walk all-over me !

50 +
I am nearing 60,
but you think 40.
My father was nearing 90
and some thought 70.
There are those will say
it's the act of creativity
or it is in the genes
this long youth and virility.
I am no Dorian Gray,
yet I do like to play !

The purpley-red bramble-berry blood
stains the hand that has plucked
the fruit from the very thorny-bush
on the outskirts of her neighbourhood.
Not one berry has been overlooked.
The girl's still got the neighbourly touch !

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