Thursday, December 27, 2012


You recall me
with a strawberry-blonde?
Guy, that girl
I moved beyond.

I took a flight
to old Siam
and now a teacher
I surely am.

The ladies there
are such a peach.
I like to teach.

Back for a visit,
and you recall
a strawberry-blonde.
I hardly at all !

Ah to have been a performance-learner
with a fine young actress, Kathleen Turner.
And to have taken an Easy Rider run
with a fine young actor, Jack Nickelson.
But Kathy, she was Romancing the Stone
and Jacky sure got beaten to dead bones.
Kathy much younger, Jacky older than I.
As inbetweener, they both passed me by.

A Romanian gypsy
with a Transylvanian vernacular
spoke of a Count Alucard,
mirror-image of Count Dracula.

She said that Alucard
had gone out to dine,
he'd be back before
the sun would rise and shine.

The company of young women
was his delight.
They had him a-howling
like a wolf in the black bat night.

The Romanian gypsy
then said "On reflection
you look pale as a virgin.
Glad you missed your connection?"

The card-carrying communist
who buys a ticket for the lottery
speaks of a brotherly love,
but hates the rich does he.
What must we make of this?
What's wrong with a meritocracy
other than run-away capitalism
makes a far poorer man of he.

She was buxom
and then some.
So beautiful
and bountiful
and on the rum.
A drunkard to be sure,
the fresh-sea-air no cure.
Yes so beautiful
and bountiful
but a woman o' war.

Wine and women?
Yes I like them,
as I like the flower
atop the rose-stem;
and feel its thorns
when my head's swimming
yet drowning in wine
without the women !

If we're not for this
we must surely be for that,
as though there were no neutralities
for us to be at.
As if there were no centre-ground
as the wheel of change goes around.

You preach about love.
Don't you mean compassion,
or perhaps tolerance?
But the word's in fashion
though I can't love the enemy,
for it would make a masochist of me !

No man is born evil?
Arrives an angel not a devil?
A babe can do no harm
but once it's grown can charm
or shoot you down to his level.

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