Friday, May 11, 2012


The following lyric I sent BGT's Zapparah Tafari via Facebook, when teaching in Thailand, almost a year ago. Made up from two much older lyrics of mine. Zapparah adverised on Facebook asking for a lyric suitable for Britain's Got Talent, as he wanted to enter the show, implying he wasn't getting any younger. He has apperently altered it a little. This is what I sent him:

Where'd I put my door-key?
Where'd I put my cellphone?
Where'd I put my car-keys?
Where'd I put them down?
This must happen to everyone
(even the Queen)

I went out Saturday night
and ended up in a fight
Lost my cellphone and my keys
Where'd I put down these?

(Repeat all 3x)    Captain Mark's email:

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