Monday, July 8, 2019


"Don't do as we do,
do as we say."
Has it not always
been this way ?

They make the laws,
they make the rules,
think they're kings and queens
and we their fools.

Whether on the Left
or on the Right,
they who lead us
will also smite

we who would do
as do they.
"Don't do as we do,
do as we say."

STARS VISIT TO SALBURN: Due to an earlier invite from me, to Pete Doherty, and to Tom Fletcher (of McFly), to come to Saltburn with their friends, an all-star attendance at a celebrity gig in Teesside later visited the town, the many black celebs and many white celebs overcrowding the pubs on the seafront, after disembarking on Albion Terrace a number of days, and avoiding the town centre, as I'd suggested, by filing past my home on Glenside, then into the nearby woods that led to the seafront, or taking the S-bank, along the alleyway I now choose to call 'Stardust Alley'. I'd recently returned from Thailand where I'd been teaching English Language and writing for Pattaya Trader. As published in the trader, I have written lyrics, anonymously, for several now known bands, and two female vocalists. I may one day write a book about this. Prolific poet, Mark Beevers (anagram: A Verse Maker Be). Some names of the great many celeb visitors appear in information pieces from my circulars, MIDDLESBROUGH MAGIC SHIP, 7 or 8 articles which are posted on this blog amongst the many, many verses. Find them by scrolling down. Paul McCartney had previously received a copy of my magazine SALTBURN SCENE and chatted to me about the Victorian pier.

From MIDDLESBROUGH MAGIC SHIP No. 137 (Summer Special 2019)
Almost five years of Magic Ship, which brings me to David Bowie who'd a song called Five Years. I was introduced as Tom Fletcher's friend to David, outside my home on Glenside, in Saltburn, after I'd recently returned from teaching in Thailand. There'd been an all-star gig in Teesside, which would move onto Manchester and then near London, film-maker Oliver Stone told me. Bowie had arrived late, jet-lagged, for the Teesside gig.
He'd once had a fear of planes, saying he was waiting for the flying saucer. Anyway, he was eager to chat with Ricky Gervais who'd only just told me he liked my funny lyrics. There were royals and MPs young and old, and - of course - security, among the many black celebs and the many white celebs, now visiting sunny Saltburn. I have previously mentioned some names in Magic Ship, but here are some more: Doris Day, Buzz Aldrin, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, members from Abba, members from Fleetwood Mac, Bryan Ferry, Sting, members from Dire Straits, Pete Doherty and Kate Moss, Mickey Finn, Steve Harley, Adam Ant, members from Duran Duran, Gary Numan, Status Quo, members from Pink Floyd, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Meat Loaf, Rik Mayall, Lenny Henry, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Jonathan Ross, Russell Brand, Keith Lemon, Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, cast from FRIENDS, cast from the blockbuster TITANIC, Johnny Depp, members from Spice Girls, Jimmy Page, Brian May and wife, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, Minouge sisters, John Travolta, Olivia Newton John, Norman Wisdom, John Cooper Clarke, Arthur Brown, J.k. Rowling, Sean Connery, Billy Connolly and wife, Kate Bush and brother, Ringo Starr and son, Tina Turner, Cher, Bette Midler, Dolly Parton, Jack Nicholson, George Clooney, Will Smith, Janet Jackson, John Lydon and wife, Boy George, George Michael, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen (who sadly took ill), Lou Reed, Morrissey, Eartha Kitt, Prince and Madonna, Brigitte Bardot, Diana Ross, members from Village People, cast from STAR WARS, Tom Cruise, Michael Crawford, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Jack Black, Christopher Lee, Honor Blackman, Diana Rigg, Martin Shaw, Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin. Cheers mateys, Captain Mark

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