Monday, February 25, 2019

from MIDDLESBROUGH MAGIC SHIP No. 128 the flyer/circular

From the flyer/circular:- Though Irish, Spike Milligan's parents were living in India when he was born, thus he said he was Indian. The comic became friend to Prince Charles. He voted Labour, though he'd fall out with the party at times, and fall out with the BBC for whom he worked. His manager, Norma Farnes, often visited a friend on Glenside, next door to me, and would sometimes bring Spike along for the ride. The comic was much concerned with pollution and overpopulation. He wrote both funny and serious verses, having a big fan in Joanna Lumley. Known for his collaboration with Peter Sellers in The Goon Show, he went onto his own tv series and wrote comical novels about his part in the war. He was an inspiration to the Monty Python's Flying Circus team whom I also met when there was a celebrity/star gig in Teesside, which I've mentioned more than once before. Eric Idle was over from where he was living in Bangkok. I was back from teaching English Language there, and in Pattaya, Thailand. The celebs arrived - from Middlesbrough in taxis, mini-buses, coaches - on Albion Terrace, throughout the day, and the next, filing down the alley at the rear, past my side-door on Glenside, some to go through the nearby wood to the seafront pubs, some to take the S-bank route. Cate Blanchet asked to use my toilet, but then decided most everyone else might want to! So she didn't. Later, in a tv interview, she joked the English live in alleyways! I'd earlier informed Tom Fletcher of McFly and Pete Doherty of The Libertines/Babyshambles that they, and any of their friends wishing to visit Saltburn, could use the alleyway, to avoid the town centre. Paul McCartney was already aware of my magazine Saltburn Scene. He'd received a copy on the Mull of Kintyre. David Bowie, Paul Simon and Clint Eastwood were amongst the last to arrive. Richard Branson, Simon Cowell and the Oasis brothers were amongst the first. Pere Waterman was surprised to learn from me that his old pal, Trev Teasdel, had lived for a time in Saltburn. I understand the landlady of The Queen public house has many photos of visiting celebs. Cheers mateys, Captain Mark

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