Saturday, January 12, 2019

From MIDDLESBROUGH MAGIC SHIP 123 (the flyer/circular)

From Magic Ship flyer/circular:- David Coverdale was born in Saltburn though he also lived in Middlesbrough and spent a lot of time in Redcar. He first came to my attention when I saw him sing for a band called Stormy Weather in a Saltburn pub, and later with The Government at Redcar's Coatham Hotel/Jazz Club. Deep Purple were looking for a vocalist to replace Ian Gillan who'd left the band. Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore had favoured Paul Rodgers of Free, who'd also lived in Middlesbrough, but Rodgers had other ideas and formed Bad Company with a member of Mott The Hoople. He'd later still be Freddie Mercury's replacement in Queen. It was Coverdale landed the job with Purple. Blackmore later left Deep Purple, supposedly wanting to form a band called Baby Face with Phil Lynot of Thin Lizzy, but formed Rainbow instead, without Lynot. Deep Purple eventually broke up (reforming some years later with Ian Gillan back as vocalist). Ritchie's band were made up of members from Elf. Singer Dio would later front Black Sabbath who'd previously been fronted by Ozzy Osbourne. Ian Gillan would briefly front Sabbath on their album 'Born Again'. Coverdale went on to form Whitesnake (sexual innuendo, though it is suggestive of Bram Stoker's novel about the 'White Worm'?). Now living in America's Hook City, Dave would visit Saltburn when over here in England, looking up old pals, and his female friends Sue and Julie. Sue had been a local singer too, and kept old copies of my community magazine Saltburn Scene for him to read. She lived in Zetland Terrace. Julie was a girlfriend before he found fame. Sue and Dave came by my door on Glenside, walking her dogs. She hoped I'd do an interview with him, but I was preparing to move to York, and only doing a flyer similar to Magic Ship called The Ship's Log. Coverdale was somewhat bashful anyway, Sue was just urging him on, but he liked what I'd already written about him, mentioning him to much younger locals, and said he liked my 'fairytale-type verses', wishing he could write similar lyrics. Ironic really, considering Hook City conjures up images from Peter Pan! Ha. Cheers mateys, Captain Mark 

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