Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Kids like a good fairy-story
before their bedtime snores.
We know there aren't dragons
but sure once were dinosaurs.
We know there aren't wizards
but we all have magic daydreams.
Some lack an imagination,
though not the kids it seems.

Winston got far drunker
speaking from his bunker
during the Second World War.
British bulldog the man,
on two legs couldn't stand,
went down on all-fours.
The bulldog no bull took.
He didn't like the look
of the Nazi Hitler.
His evil ankle he bit,
Germany was over tipped.
A winner was the tippler.

She was bound for Bond Street.
Bound for Bond Street the blonde.
She went seeking the guy James
of whose films she was fond.
She knocked on a blue door
that had the number 007.
To the man who opened it
said "Hi, I'm Pearly Heaven !"
To a red door the guy pointed,
said "James'll be a bit late,
but go lie in the bedroom
with the other girls and wait."
It was thirty minutes passed
before the man with charm
entered into his bedroom
with a beauty on each arm,
said "You're all working undercover.
Don't need to set the alarm."

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