Monday, February 4, 2013


No matter the country
we cannot defeat
the fact there is always
a wealthy elite.

No matter the system
men can construct
there is always found
persons who are corrupt.
Equality comes by cruel force
from the less equal elite, of course.

Lady Ladda,
she couldn't talk,
but find the girl
had a telling walk.

I read her mind,
she read mine,
we'd lie together
when we found the time.

Yes lady Ladda,
she couldn't talk,
down Soi Memory
with her I walk.

Three times her test was dumbed-down.
She is now a police woman in the town.
She's fond of bossing the public around.
Meritless men and women in the force?
Think what a police state would endorse !

There is the worker
and the shirker.
There's the difficult job
and the dangerous too.

Yes there's the worker
and the shirker.
There's the layabout yob
and the grafter who -
even without a vocation -
gets to rise above his seated-station.

You sought publicity
and now shady privacy.
You avoid the photo-shoot
unless there's big money
for pics taken for free
when the flower had to firmly-root
itself, in the fertile mind
of the film-camera kind.

Farewell to the suffragette,
greetings to the loud ladette
who's far from lady-like.
But then, ah then,
her male's no gentleman,
as they binge-drink through the night.
Together boy and girl to tumble
into bed, there both to fumble
as to sex. The girl's now dry? You can bet !

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