Friday, August 31, 2012


Might he just have the Midas touch?
A griffon now guards her heart of pure-gold.
Maybe she loves the man overmuch?
Let not the Cyclops or the Gorgon behold.
They've an eye ruinous to life-and-beauty.
Let not the Furies glimpse her peace.
Fiery-tempers and a tempting duty
to jealous gods may their works release.

"Write a poem for me," she asked,
and I did so, though it is masked.
The girl is in disguise.
"Write a poem for me," she said,
"then I'll know that I am read
by men with depth behind their eyes."

She could not believe the age of me
and thought I was the vanished Doctor Dee
or surely some wizard at longevity !
Though she may have been a sorceress
using magic words just to impress
a perfect fool. The girl did, I guess !

Captured am I, lady, in your cove,
and by the pleasure of your treasure-trove !
The richness of your love-making
leaves me a pirate for the taking.
Take me, take me, take me do Madame,
at your service I most surely am !

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